Hand Etched Images & Portraits

Hand Etched Images & Portraits for Monuments

Pacific Coast Memorials is well known for our superior quality artistic diamond etching, and hand etched portraits. Classic and elegant, hand etched images are by far the most realistic artistic memorial portraits that can be acheived on a headstone. Hand diamond etched images done by an expert artist have a more lifelike quality than do machine diamond etched images, and are far superior to laser etching a portrait or image - which does not deeply impact the stone in the same way that hand diamond etching does.

Using specialized diamond-plated tools and skilled artistry, master craftsmen expertly hand etch the likeness from your photo onto granite, one dot at a time by hand, creating an absolutely stunning life-like result. For best results, hand etched memorial portraits should be at least 6" tall. A high quality photo is needed to achieve an accurate likeness - the better the quality of the photo submitted, the better the final result of the portrait will be on the gravestone.